100 Pounds Sterling to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today 25th Feb 2024

100 Pounds Sterling to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate

The black marketplace exchange price among the Pound Sterling and the Nigerian naira keeps to stand volatility as the divergence among the legit and parallel market fees persists.

According to the today’s replace, the black marketplace rate for a one hundred pounds sterling to naira alternate these days, twenty fifth February 2024 is:

How a lot is one hundred pounds Sterling to naira these days in the black marketplace?

Buying rate: ₦205,000.00
Selling rate: ₦213,000.00

Because of this in case you want to shop for 100 kilos Sterling on the black market today, you will want to pay 213,000.00 naira. however, exchanging a hundred kilos Sterling within the parallel marketplace presently fetches you 205,000 naira.

NB: these quotes may also vary slightly depending on the location and the provider.

The fees at the black marketplace are decided with the aid of traders primarily based on winning demand and supply in addition to other financial and political factors impacting the foreign exchange marketplace.

Meanwhile, the reputable trade fee set via the important financial institution of Nigeria (CBN) pegs the 100 pounds Sterling to naira exchange at ₦88,689. This professional charge is what’s relevant for CBN interventions and transactions.

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