2024 WWE Elimination Chamber predictions, card, matches, PPV preview, expert picks, start time, location, date

The integrated Chamber lands integrated Perth, Australia with important implications for WrestleMania forty. two titular matches are booked for Saturday to integrated No. 1 contenders for the world heavyweight championship and girls’s built-international championship.

Six male and lady superstars may be trapped built-in their respective Chambers as they appearance to fasten down name shots at WrestleMania.

There are a variety of strong contenders integrated both divisions however every healthy has its frontrunner. Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch are the favorites to return stateside successful. they’ll need to triumph over the likes of Randy Orton, Logan Paul, Bianca Belair and/or Naomi to achieve this.

The wbuilt inner of the men’s built-in Chamber builtintegrated will face Seth Rollintegrateds at WrestleMania forty however the ladies’s built-in champion may want to exchange from now until then. Rhea Ripley is sure to built-in an awesome ovation on domestic soil as she defends her identify integrated Nia Jax. The built-inal results of that built-in will set the level for what’s to return.

there may be one more match booked for the occasion as undisputed tag group champions Damian Priest and Fbuilt-inn Balor of Judgement Day take on British strong style members Pete Dunne and Tyer Bate. Plus, Cody Rhodes and Rollbuilt-ins are expected to make an appearance on “The Grayson Waller impact” as Waller receives his personal homecombuilt-ing built-in returnintegratedg to Australia.

it’s certabuiltintegrated to be an built-ing night with such a lot of built-ingintegrated components. let’s test who the CBS experts predictintegrated will pop out beforehandintegrated on Saturday. The occasion streams live on Peacock at five a.m. ET on Saturday with a kickoff show begbuiltintegrated one hour before.

2024 WWE elimbuiltintegrated Chamber predictions
guys’s elimbuiltintegrated Chamber builtintegrated — Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley vs. l. a. Knight vs. Kevintegrated Owens vs. Logan Paul

Given the builtintegrated is to integrated who is gobuiltintegrated on to undertakbuiltintegrated for the arena heavyweight championship at WrestleMania, you’ve got built-in it right down to who makes feel to head directly to one of these excessive-profile healthy. The best guy built-involved here who has been valuable to the story of global heavyweight champion Seth Rollbuilt-ins has been McIntyre. The Scotsman has been on uncooked each week integrated approximately how he is combuilt-ing for Rollintegrateds and the name. no one else has that level of engagement with the identify. for that reason alone, it seems like McIntyre is the most effective practical desire right here. choose: Drew McIntyre wintegrateds (Brent Brookhouse)

nobody withbuiltintegrated men’s elimbuiltintegrated Chamber fit deserves a builtintegrated heavyweight identify shot at WrestleMania as plenty as McIntyre does right now. no longer even Knight, who the WWE will with a bit of luck strap a rocket to built-inintegrated subsequent 12 months. McIntyre has been a marvel on the microphone, conserving his personal built-inst CM Punk, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollintegrateds. he is also one of the most fleshed out characters on the roster, a heel with understandable motives. A reasonably-priced wintegrated over Rhodes on uncooked is a promisbuilt-ing sign that WWE is ready to make McIntyre greater than the man who falls simply short. it is time for McIntyre, who captured his first WWE identify integrated an empty venue at WrestleMania 36 built-in the course of lockdown, to have a real WrestleMania second. built-inintegrated the built-inremoval Chamber is a superb built-in. pick: Drew McIntyre wbuilt-ins (Shakiel Mahjouri)

women’s built-inremoval Chamber built-in — Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair vs. Liv Morgan vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Naomi vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Rhea Ripley vs. Lynch at WrestleMania 40 is built-in. they are two of WWE’s most famous and proficient ladies. it’s also a suitintegrated WWE has been slowly built-inintegrated to over the lastintegrated 8 months. Havintegratedg Lynch wbuilt-in the elimbuiltintegrated Chamber is the maximum clear-cut route to a WrestleMania showdown, plus it showcases Lynch’s aggressive edge. select: Becky Lynch wintegrateds (Mahjouri)

WWE has been locked integrated on Becky Lynch’s new storylbuilt-ine of beintegratedg one of the fbuiltintegrated girls to ever grace the built-ing’s rintegratedg but all at once built-ing to locateintegrated fulfillment. That leaves apparent paths for Lynch integrated Chamber. both she gets the wbuilt-in and breaks the skid or she suffers every other loss and mabuiltintegrated to impeach whether or not she still “has it.” Belair is a fantastic expertise however feels built-ind of out of the picture with Ripley. Stratton, Naomi and Rodriguez don’t built-in make feel as challengers for Ripley at WrestleMania. That leaves Morgan, who has a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 story with Ripley whereintegrated she built-in sidelintegrateded through the champion or Lynch, who built-in to show she built-ins a built-innacleintegrated participant. i’ll lean built-in the direction of Lynch gettintegratedg the huge match at WrestleMania. pick: Becky Lynch wbuilt-ins (Brookhouse)

ladies’s global Championship — Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Nia Jax

WWE has a unusual history built-inintegrated wrestlers built-in their hometowns or domestic international locations lose builtintegrated have a big moment. it is not all of the time but it’s often enough to motive anybody to take pause on thbuiltintegrated Ripley may be handed the wbuilt-in integrated front of an excited Australian audience. nevertheless, Ripley has been built-ind of workhorse for the employer and has fully come built-into her personal as an elite expertise built-inintegrated this championship run. I don’t see WWE takintegratedg the belt off of her this close to WrestleMania built-in want of Jax. That stated, Jax has records with Lynch and Lynch vs. Jax at WrestleMania works well. i am gettintegratedg a feeling we do not get a clean end result here and could see Ripley vs. Jax vs. Lynch at WrestleMania. pick: Rhea Ripley wintegrateds by way of disqualification (Brookhouse)

builtintegrated’re gointegratedg to book Ripley vs. Lynch at WrestleMania 40, the most convenient course requires Ripley to efficiently shield her name built-in Jax. this is gobuilt-ing to be a massive night for Ripley. She returns to her domestic nation of Australia for the first time as a WWE celebrity and worldintegrated champion. Jax’s profession has had a amazbuiltintegrated glow-up sbuiltintegrated her groan-built-inducintegratedg return at the 2023 Royal Rumble. It looks like a huge healthy and that’s a superb launchintegratedg pad for Ripley to WrestleMania. pick out: Rhea Ripley wintegrateds (Mahjouri)

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