Arthur Eze Biography, Age, Career, Children, Wife, Business, Net Worth

Arthur Eze is a big shot in Nigeria. He’s in charge of a big oil company called Atlas Oranto Petroleum. They explore and produce oil in Nigeria. He’s also into politics and charity work. I’ll give you all the details about him, like his life story, how old he is, what he does for business, how much money he has, what kind of cars he drives, if he has a private jet, and more.

Real Name Prince Arthur Eze
Title Ozoigbondu
Date of Birth 27 November 1948
Nationality Nigerian
State of Origin Anambra State
Place of birth Anambra State
Source of Wealth Oil & Gas Business
Net Worth $5.8 Billion

Arthur Eze is a well-known Nigerian businessman, politician, and someone who gives a lot to help others. He started and now leads a company called Atlas Oranto Petroleum.

He has a special title called ‘Ozoigbondu’ in the Igbo community. He was born on November 27, 1948, in Ukpo, Anambra State.

Eze comes from a royal family that owns one of Nigeria’s biggest companies for finding and making oil.


From what we know, Arthur Eze went to St. Augustine Secondary School in Nkwere, Imo State, in 1970. After finishing school in Nigeria, he went to California State University to study mechanical and chemical engineering from 1974 to 1978.


In 1991, Arthur Eze got permission to search for oil in an area called OPL 75. Later, when they found oil in Ejulebe, the permission was changed to OML 109 in 1996. This marked the start of Atlas Petroleum International.

Atlas Oranto Petroleum is a company Arthur Eze started to find and produce oil in Africa.

Right now, Arthur Eze has 22 licenses to look for oil in 12 African countries, like Nigeria and Senegal. His company, Atlas Oranto Petroleum, has lots of valuable stuff, making it the biggest holder of oil exploration blocks in Africa.

Arthur Eze also founded an airline called Triax Airlines in 1992. It only flew from Enugu Airport and had three Boeing 727s before it stopped in 2000.

Arthur Eze put money into different businesses like banking, real estate, farming, phones, and the media.

Arthur Eze Biography
Arthur Eze Biography

Personal Life 

Prince Arthur Eze hasn’t shared much about his wife and kids. He created the Prince Osisioma Foundation to help young people and support education, health, and community growth.

He has a fancy lifestyle, with lots of properties, cars, and private planes.

He’s a committed Christian, going to the Anglican Church since he was young.

He’s generous, too. He’s given millions to build schools and churches and help people affected by things like floods and conflicts. For example, he donated $12 million to build a church and youth center in Nigeria and $800,000 to schools in South Sudan.

Private jet

Arthur Eze is a very rich person from Nigeria who has his own airplane. In 2022, he bought a Gulfstream G450 jet that cost millions of dollars.

Arthur Eze’s net worth 

Arthur Eze is a really successful businessman in Nigeria, especially in the oil industry. He’s also one of the richest men in the eastern part of Nigeria. He’s got a lot of businesses, both in Nigeria and abroad, so it’s hard to keep track of all his stuff. But people estimate he’s worth about $5.8 billion.

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