Dennis Idahosa Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Dennis Idahosa Biography

Dennis Idahosa, a prominent parent in Nigerian politics and business, has carved a spot for himself as a committed leader and entrepreneur. Born on November 8, 1980, in Iguobazuwa, Ovia South West neighborhood government vicinity, Edo kingdom, Nigeria, Idahosa has become a beacon of idea thru his multifaceted journey.

Dennis Idahosa Age

At the age of forty three, Dennis Idahosa hails from Iguobazuwa, Ovia South West neighborhood authorities area in Edo country, Nigeria. His roots and upbringing have instilled in him a ardour for network service and development.

Personal Lifestyle

Dennis Idahosa’s personal existence is characterised by a completely happy marriage and the joy of fatherhood with 3 cute kids. His circle of relatives values make a contribution to the holistic photograph of a frontrunner who no longer best excels in his professional pastimes but additionally prioritizes the nicely-being of his cherished ones.

Dennis Idahosa Political profession

As a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dennis Idahosa served as the Commissioner for funding, Public and personal Partnership in Edo country underneath the management of Adams Oshiomhole. His dedication to public carrier and governance marked the beginning of a fantastic career.

Diring his tenure as a commissioner, Dennis Idahosa donated his salaries to the human beings of Ovia South West Constituency. His determination extended to employment possibilities for teenagers in his corporation, in addition reinforcing his dedication to community welfare. collaborating with the Prince Harrison Ehimiyen foundation, Idahosa actively campaigned against drug abuse and cultism, specially in secondary faculties.

Dennis Idahosa enterprise

Idahosa, not limited to his political endeavors, is also the CEO of Eagle Denco company limited, a company with assorted hobbies in production, mining, and actual property. His commercial enterprise acumen and strategic investments have contributed appreciably to the financial improvement of his community.

Beyond politics and business, Dennis Idahosa is recognized for his philanthropic efforts, specially in youngsters empowerment and development. His collaboration with the Prince Harrison Ehimiyen foundation in opposition to drug abuse and cultism displays his dedication to societal properly-being.

Early Life And Education

Having completed his number one and secondary schooling in Ovia, Idahosa launched into an international instructional journey, leaving Nigeria in 1998 to pursue higher schooling in Canada. His educational pursuits led him to a first diploma in sociology, laying the foundation for his next fulfillment.

Idahosa’s transition into actual estate in Canada marked the beginning of a successful profession. The established order of Eagle Denco showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating a wonderful effect on society. currently pursuing a master’s degree in Legislative studies in Nigeria, Idahosa continues to mixture instructional excellence with practical accomplishments.

The successful actual property ventures in Canada led Dennis Idahosa lower back to Nigeria in 2012. A pivotal meeting with Governor Adams Oshiomhole inspired him to make contributions to the improvement of his domestic kingdom. Appointed as the Commissioner for funding, Public and private Partnership, Idahosa became the youngest commissioner in Edo nation.

Net worth

As of 2024, Dennis Idahosa boasts an envisioned net worth of $200,000, a testomony to his achievement in both politics and business.

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