Funke Akindele – My Failed Marriages Taught Me Important Lessons, Thanks to my Late Mother

Funke Akindele, a popular Nollywood actress and field office Queen, these days discussed her attitude on her divorces, explaining why she doesn’t view them as disasters.

At some point of an interview with Wazobia Max television, the talented actress, who has been married two times and has twins from her 2d marriage, shared that she doesn’t consider her damaged marriages as screw ups. Funke discovered that her late mom instilled in her the belief that failure is a vital stepping stone to success. She emphasized that she takes life because it comes and prioritizes her health and career.

As a mother of who has damaged field office facts, Funke expressed that her foremost consciousness is leading a significant life and supplying for her youngsters and siblings.

“in case you question me now can you tell me one fail¥re, I don’t see it as a fail¥re. My private life – marriage, I just take it as it comes. My mental health may be very important. My career is very important, darling.

I must make an impact. I have to empower lots of human beings. I should inspire younger people obtainable. I must stay robust for my kids and my siblings. Why am I living? i’ve a motive, so my head is up. yes, I cr¥, yes I break down, but once I cr¥, I simply smooth the t£ars, look in the replicate, and keep moving.

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