JC Caylen Trending Online, Youtube Search History Drama Explained

Well known vlogger JC Caylen has landed himself in hot water as his seek records has gone viral on diverse social media platforms.

All of it began when he shared his laptop screen all through a live consultation in which by accident his YouTube seek history went public to the viewers.

It certainly showed searches for leaked n*des of other girls.

Immediately the screenshot of the video went viral on the net, attracting a big backlash from the netizens calling out his behaviour as indecent and crazy.


JC Caylen issues an Apology
as the controversy showed no sign of fuelling down, Caylen publicly got here out thru his Twitch account.

He apologized to the netizens in a video titled – “I’m sorry.”

it’d take a lot forme to do that. I wanted to place a video collectively to put my mind into an area because I experience i’d just ramble on, and on.”

Who’s JC Caylen?

JC Caylen is a famend vlogger and social media influencer on Instagram and YouTube. lower back in 2010, he started out his personal YouTube channel named  lifewithjc.

Later he opened two more channels named- thesedudez and jccaylen.

However, the recent seek history scandal has brought JC Caylen beneath plenty of negative limelight.

Netizens on the internet have sparked a dispute, taking a dig at him .

He shared a couple of images of his idea on his Instagram handle with a caption- “Mr. & Mrs. Castillo coming soon.”

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Additionally, she is also a social media influencer with over 245K followers on her Instagram account.

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