New York Jets Star Sauce Gardner Snapchat Account Hacked, Hacker Leaking Private Images

Famous new york Jets cornerback, Sauce Gardner’s Snapchat account has been hacked, as informed by the NFL participant himself.

On Sunday, 25 February 2024, the two-time seasoned Bowl cornerback informed that a hacker had taken over his Snapchat, electronic mail, Twitter, and Instagram money owed.

The hacker is leaking old pictures of Saurce from his university days and even some personal explicit snap shots on social media, the the big apple Jets superstar knowledgeable.

Sauce took to Twitter to inform the fans about the scenario,

“any person simply DM’d me sending pics from my snap when i was in college,”

Gardner stated.

“people are so bizarre round the world lol. a number of y’all really need assist.”

He similarly delivered-

“I wanted to provide y’all the individual Twitter to go document it but they published old college stuff on the web page now and that i’ve got time for it.”

That isn’t always all, the hacker additionally got get entry to to his emails and started sharing his messages.

The Cornerback wrote-

“Whoever that is doesn’t depart his pc,”

Garnder delivered,

“I needed to get another telephone and range due to the fact whoever this is hacked my Twitter, IG, and emails.”

Sauce Gardner’s Snapchat Account Hacked
however, Snapchat later suspended his account.

many of his fans on social media showed concern in the direction of him and supported him thru a chain of tweets.

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