Nigerian Catholic Bishops Express Disagreement with Pope’s Position on Same-Sex Marriage

Catholic bishops in Nigeria have voiced their war of words with Pope Francis regarding his position at the blessing of equal-sex couples, mentioning that it is able to be interpreted as endorsing equal-intercourse marriage.

Most Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji expressed those worries at some stage in the formal commencing of the 2024 First Plenary assembly of the Catholic Bishops’ conference of Nigeria (CBCN) on the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria in Abuja.

In step with Ugorji, statements or declarations from the Holy See are predicted to foster team spirit and communion on topics of doctrine, morals, and liturgy.

However, he cited that the recent statement, Fiducia Supplicans, issued by means of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the faith on December 18, 2023, has brought about distress and hurt the unity and catholicity of the Church.

At the same time as the report prohibits liturgical blessings for same sex couples, Ugorji highlighted that it simultaneously recommends pastoral blessings for couples in irregular conditions, which includes same-intercourse couples.

He emphasised that such pastoral advantages must not be performed together with civil union ceremonies and should now not resemble wedding rituals in any way.

The ebook of the statement sparked varied reactions of reputation, skepticism, and outright rejection from Episcopal conferences and character Bishops worldwide due to its ambiguities, in step with Ugorji.

The Nigerian devoted, at the side of others in Africa and around the sector, expressed surprise, outrage, and disbelief at the text’s media coverage.

Many religious Catholics questioned how a priest may want to bless equal-sex couples residing in a sinful union with out causing confusion and scandal.

Amidst this confusion and pushback, Ugorji emphasized the bishops’ role as pastors entrusted with safeguarding the integrity and purity of the religion. they may be dedicated to upholding the lessons of the Church based totally on Holy Scripture and way of life.

He reiterated that it’s miles essential to teach the faithful that same-sex couples or unions cannot be blessed within the Church in Africa.

Homosexual acts are considered gravely depraved, intrinsically disordered, and opposite to natural law. even as emphasizing God’s unconditional love for sinners, Ugorji burdened the importance of calling them to repentance for a life according with God’s will.

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