Over 200 Million Illegal Guns Circulating, Fueling Insecurity – Governor Sani

Senator Uba Sani, the Governor of Kaduna state, has entreated for a complete assessment of Nigeria’s firearms law as a important step in addressing the continuing protection disaster within the united states of america.

Throughout an interview on Channels tv’s Sunday Politics, the governor discovered that approximately 200 million firearms are presently in movement across Nigeria, contributing to the escalating insecurity plaguing the state.

The former senator highlighted his preceding efforts to amend the previous Firearms Act during his time in the Senate.

He emphasized that the rules, which has no longer been up to date for over 30 years, does now not align with global best practices.

Governor Sani expressed concern over the lenient consequences for possessing unlawful firearms in Nigeria.

In comparison to other nations, individuals arrested with illegal firearms can face prices which can bring about their release with out imprisonment upon price of a exceptional, frequently as little as 50,000 naira.

Drawing interest to a document provided by way of the United countries regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa (UNREC) all through his tenure inside the Senate, Governor Sani burdened the urgency of firearms control. The document said that Nigeria on my own bills for approximately 2 hundred million unlawful firearms out of the 250 million circulating in West Africa.

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