Rihanna Hints at Collaboration with Ayra Starr

International track icon Rihanna has hinted at a likely collaboration with Nigerian sensation Ayra Starr for the duration of a latest Fenty occasion.

Ayra Starr, who has openly expressed her admiration for Rihanna, describing her as her function version, has now caught the attention of the Barbadian singer herself.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ayra Starr had expressed her admiration for Rihanna, announcing: “i adore Rihanna. My biggest inspiration is her. My matriarch is her. She reigns as my queen. Her “Anti” album is classic. I constantly pay attention to it. I’m know-how it increasingly more as I listen to it. I’m definitely keen on it.

“What I’ve heard from Rihanna is that I need to be myself and understand who i am; something works for me is okay, and if some thing doesn’t paintings for me, that’s okay too. i’m able to surely be myself in every situation.”

during the Fenty event, Rihanna changed into overheard discussing Ayra Starr with enthusiasm, indicating her interest in a potential collaboration. The communique captured at the black carpet found out Rihanna’s intrigue approximately the Nigerian singer.

“I’ve been listening to of Ayra Starr, I don’t recognize who however my cousin she became like, ‘Oh my God I got this [song] from Ayra Starr.’ She became obsessed with you,” Rihanna remarked.

Curious about Ayra Starr’s musical connections, Rihanna inquired, “Do you have a song with Tems?”

Ayra Starr replied affirmatively, pointing out, “That’s my sister. We do have songs however we don’t have a tune [out] but. but soon..”

Seizing the opportunity, Rihanna playfully recommended a collaboration, saying, “to procure a further verse for me? call me.”

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