Speculation of Reconciliation Arises as Young Duu Teases Collaboration with Portable

Younger Duu, an upcoming artist and former signee of Zeh nation, has sparked reconciliation rumors with his former boss, portable.

In a latest video shared on social media, young Duu expressed his preference to collaborate with portable on a brand new track even as addressing his fans.

He even asked economic assist from his enthusiasts to aid inside the collaboration. This unexpected request amazed many netizens, considering the strained dating among portable and young Duu on account that 2023.

The separation between portable and younger Duu took place in the very last month of 2023. It started when portable publicly criticized young Duu for no longer generating widespread returns after investing in him. portable even went as a ways as cursing younger Duu, claiming that he changed into plagued by means of bad good fortune.

Transportable also accused young Duu of attempting to cause disunity inside Zeh nation, their file label. In reaction, younger Duu determined to go away the record label or even back the automobile that portable had proficient him.

In view that their separation, each artists have continually thrown color at every different on specific events. therefore, younger Duu’s latest expression of yearning for a collaboration with transportable comes as a marvel however also a doubtlessly superb improvement in their tale.

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