The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Lyrics by BTS

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Lyrics by BTS Well known artist with latest amazing sensational performance lyrics, has been released out both combine infectious sensational beats and lyrics has been compiled together to create engagement and memorable musical experience with the audience.


The rim looks far away today
Sighs pile on the court
A boy who’s afraid of reality
Is at peace only when he is throwing the ball
Throwing the ball by myself
What I’m throwing at the rim
Are endless thoughts and life’s worries
I pretend to know the world but my body’s not ready for it
Shoot, the court is my playground
I follow my hand movement, the small ball bounces off my foot
My grades crawl on the ground, but I rather
Shout that everything will be alright with an empty voice
But the world scares me, just let it stop
Thoughts fill my mind, so I throw my future instead
I don’t fit the horoscope and standards of success
Thanks to that, my worries spread like cancer, god damn it

My laughter spreads as I throw the ball
The breath at the tip of my chin are budding dreams
The dribbling gets faster, I get happier
This moment seems like it will last forever
But when night comes again, reality gets eaten
Snap out of it and I’m scared again and again
That I’m acting like a scared idiot again
The sense of reality slaps me in the face
With others running ahead, why am I still here?

Breathe in air or dream a dream
Now row the oar with your heartbeat again
Blindly trap yourself in thin judgement
And the sun will set on your life like the court
What am I doing with my life?
This moment won’t ever come back
And I ask myself again, are you happy now?
The answer is already there, I am happy

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