Watch: Astrid Wett Loses It After the Carabao Cup Final and Her Fake Ticket

Astrid Wett recently faced a arguable circulate. She is mainly acknowledged for her presence on OnlyFans, wherein she posts sexy and explicit pics for her subscribers to experience.

But, this time she goes viral for a unique purpose.

Those who recognize Astrid know that she is a football fan, and lately she went to watch the Carabao Cup 2024 final fit which become played among Chelsea and Liverpool.

Upon coming into the venue, at the same time as she became displaying her ticket to get entry to her seat, the guards knowledgeable her that her ticket became fake and a scam, and it wasn’t getting scanned.

Astrid Wett’s Fury After Being became Away at Carabao Cup due to scam ticket

She cited in her submit,

“They received’t even permit me in even though I told them I’m Astrid Wett, the lifelong Chelsea fan.”

This infuriated her very a whole lot.

To permit off the steam, she took to her social media to rant and vent approximately the whole state of affairs.

but a fellow fan who noticed the video she published proper at that second came to her rescue.

Her day changed into stored by a fan who gave her his son’s price tag.

Astrid thanked him for his kindness and went on to revel in the in shape.

however this isn’t the quit of it. Astrid, upon looking the sport, wasn’t glad with the ending either.

Astrid Wett had additionally been fed up with Chelsea because the group were beating Liverpool for the beyond 3 video games.

well, a lot after the fiasco with the price tag and the sport, Astrid grew to become out to be a slumber mess.

Astrid Wett additionally taken into consideration herself to be cursed due to all the drama that she went thru all day.

but as a minimum because of the price ticket she were given, she referred to that her faith in humanity has been restored.

(some of the statements made in this text are the writer’s personal evaluations and are protected simply to position some humor on board.)

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