Who is Jadro Lita

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, broadly referred to as Jadro Lita, the self-proclaimed “African AI” and TikTok sensation, has lately secured a beneficial N200 million deal because the ambassador for a distinguished chinese robotics organisation, in line with Edu Gist.3 Feb 2024.

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Amadou Elizabeth Aminata

Early Life

Born in the early 2000s as Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, Jadrolita comes from the Mandinka ethnic organization in Nigeria. Her youth was marked by using academic excellence, and she or he actively engaged in Ivory Coast, attending a French college. The family’s relocation to Paris, France, at the age of 15, noticed her continuing her schooling at a prestigious high school.


currently, a 300-stage scholar pursuing a degree in commercial enterprise administration at Ambrose Ali university, Jadrolita balances her educational hobbies with a managerial role at Aisohub. This dual dedication showcases her dedication to both schooling and expert increase inside the influencer enterprise.

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